Bus Projects,
Collingwood, Melbourne
June, 2015

Catalogue | Amita Kirpalani

Review | Helen Hughes

For this project I considered the implications of Jacques Lacan’s ownership of Gustave Courbet’s L'Origine du monde (1866). I produced a silk-print is based a re-construction of a work by André Masson that was commissioned by Jacques Lacan and used to cover over Courbet’s work; to both conceal and reference the painting. The silk work was given to my mother as a gift and worn to the opening of the exhibition, Covers.. My aim in this work was to uncover and re-cover the feminine subject at the centre the event.

Image Credit | Christo Crocker

     Digital photographic print, di-bond 
     Photo-lithographic copper plate 
     Drawing 460 x 550mm, framed 
     print on crepe de chine